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Tooth Key with Ivory Handle
Tooth Key with Ivory Handle



Finding a Dental Professional

Finding a dental professional in your suburb
or area who is both caring and gentle
can be a rather daunting task; this is why Local Dentist Gauteng exists.

Searching the Internet, especially if you are
experiencing an emergency is quite a nightmare.

It is for this reason that this web site
has been created.


Finding a Dental Professional
Finding a Dental Professional

We all have been schooled in dental hygiene and
some of us may have a fear of a dental appointment;
fortunately there have been massive strides forward
in this profession in the past few years.


Painful injections are now merely bad memories from
the past because a good dentist will numb the gum
before wielding a syringe.


Also, the material used to further numb our mouths is
superior to those used in days gone by so that in nearly
100% of cases the nerve of the tooth is sufficiently
numbed so that when drilling commences there is
normally no discomfort experienced.


Trained dental professionals are very mindful of discomfort caused by pain and communicate on a continuous basis with their patients and immediately stop what they are doing should there be pain experienced.

As creatures of habit we humans will usually find a dentist that resonates with us and then we tend to stick with him or her through thick and thin.

However changing life circumstances very often cause us to seek another dental professional; these circumstances may be moving into a new area or suburb and we find that it is very inconvenient to have to travel big distances for an appointment; then the search is on to find a competent replacement.

Other reasons for having to find another dentist may be that our dentist has decided to move, maybe to another city or town, or they may even have decided to emigrate; or for whatever reason you and your dentist no longer see eye to eye.


annual dental checkups
annual dental checkups

Annual Dental Check ups
Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is not really a difficult task; the worst thing that you can do is to go to bed without some form of oral hygiene. Even a floss followed by a mouthwash rinse is better than nothing.


Failure to do even this simple procedure will result in a
more traumatic dental experience.


The annual dental checkup is crucial for overall general
health because bad teeth can cause a variety of illnesses and ailments by poisoning your system; therefore if it is at all within your means, an annual dental checkup should become almost like a religion.


General Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums
•    It is a good idea to stay away from toothbrushes that have hard bristles because they tend to abrade the enamel; the obvious choice here is a medium or a soft brush
•    Flossing is a much better method of removing food particles that have got stuck between your teeth
•    The old advice of brushing after every meal is not good advice; flossing and a rinse with plain water is fine
•    Brushing your teeth twice a day is perfect; at night so that they are free of anything that may cause them harm, and in the morning to remove any possible nighttime build up
•    Contrary to what we have been taught and lead to believe, Fluoride does absolutely ZERO to prevent cavities.

Studies have shown and proved that there is no difference in cavity build up between those who use fluoride based toothpastes and those who do not.

It is in the interest of your personal health to fully investigate this travesty, and change to toothpaste that is free of fluoride.
•    This is one you may have heard maybe too many
times, but! Fizzy drinks are really bad for the enamel of
your teeth simply because the ‘fizziness’ is caused by an
acid in the drink and this acid really goes to work on the enamel– so as much as possible, avoid these drinks


It is all fine and well to discuss a dental plan, but what about the many people who are just not able to afford such an important part of financial planning?

There is good news for them because there are numerous Government clinics that offer a service. The other option is to have a discussion with your local dentist and arrange to have work done on your mouth on a “as you can afford” basis.

There are many caring dental professionals who would
happily accommodate such an arrangement.


So, click on your suburb and book your dental appointment.


Dental Implants Procedure – Simplified


So, whether you are looking in the CBD, Jhb Central, the North, South, East or West you should find a Top Flight Dental Practitioner in or very near to your suburb.



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