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This web site came into being because of the utter frustration of trying to find a dentist in my suburb. Typing in ‘dentist my suburb’ brings back a page full of directory sites, medical aid companies and other irrelevant web sites. This was discussed at length with a whole range of people and the problem appeared to be universal.

We have endeavored to create a site that does not only show a dentist in your suburb, but is also informative and fun, as well as offers a “nearest suburb dentist” with just two or three clicks.

In some instances there will be no dentist for a particular suburb; this is because some suburbs are purely just domiciled and have zero businesses; in other cases it may be that the suburb is completely commercial and does not lend itself to the setting up of a dental surgery. If this is your predicament then hopefully you will find a dental professional in a nearby suburb.

The Internet was scoured for interesting, fun and informative tidbits; thanks go to the following web sites.

  • http://phisick.com for the interesting “ancient” dental tools pictures and explanations. They have a stunning array of antique medical surgical and dental instruments and are definitely worth a visit!
  • Wiki for the absolute wealth of knowledge found there
  • Youtube for the videos used on all the pages
  • Last but certainly not least, http://www.freedigitalphotos.net for the many beautiful photographs by absolute professional photographers generously supplied. A definite one stop shop should you require pictures for a web site, or any other project!


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