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16th Century Dental Mouth Gag
16th Century Dental Mouth Gag


Choosing an established practitioner or finding the most popular dentist may at first glance seem to be the right and safest thing to do because after all they have been in business for a long time and a suitably aged dental business conjures up feelings of trust and stability, and of course there are many Johannesburg central dentists to choose from.

However sometimes such a dental practitioner may be too steeped in older methods of dentistry and feel that a “tried and trusted” procedure is still better than a new one.

Johannesburg Central Dentists
Johannesburg Central Dentists

The Pitfall of a Mercury Amalgam Filling

A good example here is the Mercury amalgam filling; this is a mixture of metals, one of them being of course Mercury.

It has of course been proven that Mercury gives off microscopic particles (vapors) over time, especially if the filling was not done properly or the tooth has been cracked and these easily find their way into the human system.

Here are just two of many references:!

Many “old school” dentists will categorically state that this is either a fallacy, or that the amount of Mercury ingested is so infinitesimal as to be of no consequence.

Both of these schools of thought are of course incorrect.

There is an old English saying “mad as a hatter” and this phrase came about because hat makers in the old days used Mercury to firm up the brims of their creations, rubbing the Mercury into the material with their fingers.

Mercury is easily absorbed through the skin and finds itself in the brain, causing different levels of insanity – hence the saying.

Now, having an amalgam filling will of course not impart such huge quantities but the reality is that such a cavity filling WILL poison the person over time; therefore a safer and healthier avenue would be to insist on a different material should a filling be required.

We have of course endeavored to fill the pages of this site with “clued up” doctors but the Maxim “Always Question Everything” is good advice.

Root Canal Treatment: Good or Bad?

Root canal treatment, or Endodontic therapy is another dental procedure that was all the rage a few years ago and is still widely practiced today, to save a tooth that has been too badly damaged.

This is an excerpt from A web site called “healing Teeth naturally”

“By way of introduction, consider the following… What I was never told by any dentist who gave me a (euphemistically called) "root treatment" (one of the 4 in total I had done – teeth since then extracted): a root canal procedure effectively means killing the tooth since what gives it life (its blood and nerve supply) is being permanently destroyed and removed.

The body subsequently "recognizes" it carries a dead part in itself and tries to dispose of it via lysis (decomposition). This alone sets up a permanent infection held in check only by a strong immune system – and whenever your immunity is compromised such as under the onslaught of stress, malnutrition etc., the infection site gets bigger.”

Here is another one from a site called “Natural Society”

“In addition to the central root of the tooth, where the dentist removes the tissue during a root canal, there are thousands of tiny side canals that aren’t touched by your doctor. When the root is removed, the nerves in these side canals die. They rot. They fester and become a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

Research has proven this to be the case. Not surprisingly, the ADA denies the validity of any such research, maintaining that root canals are safe but refusing to scientifically refute the evidence to the contrary.

Dr. Weston A. Price literally wrote the book on root canal dangers way back in 1922. His work was pooh-poohed by the ADA back then too.”

There are many other references on the Internet. There are also probably just as many extolling the virtues of this procedure, and this may well cause confusion.

Let common sense be your guidance.


The Holistic Dentist Approach to Mercury Amalgam Fillings, Root Canals & Fluoride



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