Johannesburg North Dentists

Johannesburg North Dentists




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Ebony Dental Goats Foot Elevator
Ebony Dental Goats Foot Elevator


We have endeavored to include only the top professionals on this site to make your search as easy as possible.


The North of Johannesburg has always been seen as the affluent area of Johannesburg and indeed a quick search will show that many medical professionals have based their operations in this area, and dentists are no exception.

It sometimes seems that there are more dentists here in the north than one can shake a stick at so it is no wonder that the search for a totally compatible dental professional can be somewhat daunting and sometimes overwhelming.

Johannesburg North Dentists
Johannesburg North Dentists


It also seems that for some reason that dental costs are more expensive – this may be due to the possibility that they are more qualified than those found in other regions; this however is rather unlikely so it then stands to reason that higher costs are charged for other reasons, one of them no doubt being the higher cost of office space.

None of this really matters however because finding a dentist nearest to you is the important thing, and of course finding one that makes you happy is tantamount.

There are good dentists and there are great dentists too. (There are of course inferior dentists, but we are not concerning ourselves with these!)


What Makes a Great Dentist

  • Completely Professional
  • Is caring
  • Is empathetic to your needs
  • Pays attention to your fears
  • Knows how to allay your fears
  • Provides the best advice and service for your particular situation
  • Is willing to explore holistic methods
  • Will not hound you to death about a possible outstanding debt


Most quality medical aid schemes have a reasonable dental cover section and seeing as you are paying for this, it clearly makes perfect financial sense to use it to the full.

Therefore neglecting to book an annual checkup is both foolish health wise as well as financially.


Dental Check Up Demonstration



As a quick reference you can check out these dental pages: Dentist Randburg, Dentist Ferndale and Dentist Barbeque Downs. All the pages on this site, besides bringing you your suburb dentist, are also rather informative.



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